Reply to : Let him go…it will be OK


Well in a corporate world, A person who is very hard working/intelligent thinks that if he leave the compnay then compmnay will face problems but In reality nothing happen and compnay move. But at the same time there is some down fall compnay can face but next person will take over after some time and again things will be on track. so I agree if Sachin leave nothing will happen.
But important thing you, me & other lot of people are analysing entire issue in a wrong manner. first of all you can not compare ponting with sachin. for Aus it is easy to select team from country’s 1000 players at this time. India has restriction of 17 players at this point. All 6 matches india played so far are batting second where condition is more suitable to bowlers. In case of Ponting he played all 6 matches, batting first, no pressure situation and still could not reach double digit. even all the matches he played after WC, he has not done anything. He is constantly failing. Important thing, Do we have any other option at this point? NO. Now you will say give chance to youngster, without giving chance to them how you know. well you know rohit/raina both are with team, played almost all the matches and none of them score even 50!. all the people are talking about sachin retire/seniors etc. and no one is taling failure of young kid. why ? when you expect sachin should score 100 in almost each game why you don’t expect one 50 from others? I know india can not depend on him forever but at the same time you also ask result from others? why we don’t say that hey this youngster is failing so lets give chance to others kids? Manoj Tiwari who made 100 in his last game did not get a chance. and now I don’t think he will get chance to play in remaining matches too. Why? He should get chance ahead of Rohit/Raina/Jadeja. If Sachin would have retired after WC then we all must have given opinion at this time, that lets bring sachin back for 1-2 more years!!! Why India did not explore other option during two T20 played against AUS? Same sehvag/gambhir is opening for india. India should have tried different option at that time. Even Kohil started his Int career as a opener. So there are lot of things require to do and those are the things are should highlight but instead of that all are behind sachin.

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