Reply to : The convenient IPL bogey

Dear Gaurav

I follow your tweets/blog regularly and you wrote very good subject all the time. But I do not agree with your IPL opinion. I hope you will read this.

1. You all are praising very much of KOHIL (some what he deserver too) and says its IPL product. But If you remove his last centurey where is he? Didn’t you see the way he was playing ? Gambhir – You already mention. For your information do you have any single batsman who came from IPL and establish himself? Raina/Yuvraj is best flop example (here I am talking about purely test cricket only).

2. Pujara – is not product of IPL , he is the product of Ranji / Domestic and whatever chance he go he did fentastic job. He got only three test match and he peoform as a match winner. Due to injury (in IPL) he was out of team now. your IPL product Kohil got ‘n’ no. of chance to play one day (He perform also) and then got a chance to play test match and even though he was flop first 3 test match he got a chance to play fourth test. Just compare him with pujara (who did not get more chance to play internation but still looks much much better than Kohil). The point is Ranji is much better than IPL.

3. Rehane – he is not IPL product he is Ranji products but still did not get a chance to play. If IPL would not have there then he must have got chance first then Kohil/Murali Vijay. Vijay got a chance in all three format but flop because he was somewhat IPL product.

4. What will you say about bowlers? Do we have any good bowler who came from IPL and won the match. I know you will say about Aswin. but I am talking about fast bowler. U. Yadav he has not done any thing good in IPL he is in the team because of his ranji performace. Even after 4 IPL we did not find any good bowler at all.

5. Earlier board allow our players to go and play county matches but now because of IPL, board do not allow them to play county matches or other domestic matches. Board want their players should be fit to play IPL. Sehvag/Gambhi already hide their injury to play IPL and you know after that what happen.

6. In IPL other players comes here and play and gain knowledge but our player don’t play outside and don’t get any kind of knowledge.

I agree with IPL lot of players got good secure future but don’t you think BCCI/selector should make a rule that while selecting players they won’t consider IPL at all? Today players know if we hit in IPL we will get a chance in Indian team. Y. Pathan is another best example. so net is either remove IPL or do not consider IPL performace while selecting internation team.


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